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   The health of the land is critical to our business. Every single plant 

and animal on the property is precious to the ranch and our lives. We 
constantly evaluate the health of our land and use a planned
grazing system as a tool for furthering our ecological goals.  Our 
grazing plans are of the utmost importance here on the Hudspeth, so that each area is allotted sufficient rest to replenish root structure after the plant is defoliated by grazing.  Of course, it is important to avoid grazing any plants too severely - browse plants as well as grass plants.  This is a carefully considered grazing plan: it is neither short-duration high-intensity grazing nor is it rotational grazing.  It is planned grazing periods and planned rest periods.  Periodically, we evaluate those plans and our progress, and make adjustments where necessary so that each piece of our complex ecological system can thrive.  

   To help keep up with current developments in thinking and
technology, the Hudspeth River Ranch has sponsored workshops in Holistic Management and Riparian Observation and Understanding. We are fortunate to enjoy collaborative, working partnerships with respected 
organizations including the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, 
Holistic Management International, Devil's River Working
Group, Nueces River Authority, Natural Resources Conservation 
Service and The Devils River Conservancy.


Because they were created in His image, God gave men and women a privileged place among all creatures and commanded them to exercise stewardship over the earth (Genesis 1:26-28; Psalm 8:6-8). 

©Minda Pfeil
©Minda Pfeil

We're proud to partner with the following organizations.

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