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The tradition of eating lamb on Easter has its roots in early Passover observances before the birth of Christianity. According to the biblical Exodus story, the people of Egypt suffered a series of terrible plagues, including the death of all firstborn sons. Jews painted their doorposts with sacrificed lamb’s blood so that God would “pass over” their homes while carrying out the punishment. Accustomed to eating roast lamb on Passover, Jews who converted to Christianity continued the tradition at Easter. Additionally, Christians refer to Jesus as the “Lamb of God,” so it makes sense that the food shows up at the Easter table. On a less symbolic note, lamb would have been one of the first fresh meats available after a long winter with no livestock to slaughter.

Easter Lamb sale!!

Leg of Lamb    $6.50/#

Click on the link for a recipe and watch a video on just how easy it is to prepare this delicious ROASTED BONELESS LEG OF LAMB WITH FINGERLING POTATOES, LEEKS AND MINT SALSA VERDE.  A perfect meal to share with family on Easter Sunday!



Lamb Shank $7.00/#

Watch this video to learn how to braise your lamb shanks to prepare these delicious Chile Braised Lamb Shank Tacos!!  A great meal to enjoy outside enjoying the spring weather!

Chile Braised Lamb Shank Tacos

Lamb T Chops $12/#


It's that time of year to get outside with some ewe, a brew and ready to BBQ!?  Try this amazing Grilled Lamb Loin Chops with Blistered Tomatoes, Smashed Olives, and Arugula!!  

Lamb Ribs $3.00/#



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